The Kent Stater continues printing special editions throughout the year. Stay tuned for updates or contact us with questions. Each issue will be on one of 90+ stands throughout campus and Kent for three to four weeks. With 5,000 copies printed, our estimated readership for each issue is 8,600 students, staff, faculty and community members.

Display Ads

  • All pricing is per issue.
  • All ads include full color.
  • Ads smaller than 1/16 will run on the classifieds page and are priced on an individual basis.
  • Space reservation is due by 5 p.m. the Thursday before the week of publication.
  • Final creative is due by 4 p.m. the Friday before the week of publication. Ad design is free of charge with placement. Client-provided ads should be sized correctly, 200DPI, CMYK and either PDF, JPG or TIFF file.
  • Campus and non-profit clients receive a 10% discount on all advertising.

Full Page$95010.25 x 10.25"
Front Page$45010.25 x 1.5"
1/2 Page Vertical$4255.1" x 10.25"
1/2 Page Horizontal$42510.25" x 5.1"
1/4 Page $1505.1" x 5.1"
Special Placement+10%Back Cover, Classified, Pg 3, etc.

Inserts & Stickers

Inserts/stickers must be submitted to Kent State Student Media for approval. Inserts can be sent to the printer for printing or pre-printed inserts can be shipped. Kent State Student Media will arrange the printing of the stickers. Ad design is free of charge with purchase.

InsertsCallIncludes full circulation of 5,000
3"x3" StickerCallIncludes full circulation of 6,000
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All pricing is per day. The minimum price per day is $3.50. All classified ads are pre-pay only. All punctuation is free and phone numbers and websites count as one word. Reservations are due by noon, the Friday before the week of publication.

Cost Per Word35¢
Extras$1Bold, border, reverse type, italics.
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