The Kent Stater is published Mondays and Thursdays of the academic school year. A total of 6,000 copies are distributed on-campus and to popular areas of downtown Kent.

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Display Ads

All pricing is per day. All ads include full color. Ads smaller than 1/16 will run on the classifieds page and are priced on an individual basis. Space reservation is due two business days prior to run date at 5pm. Ad copy is due one business day prior at 5pm. Ad design is free of charge with placement. 

Type Local Campus/Non-Profit Size
Full Page $1,050 $975 10.5" x 11"
Front Page $350 $325 10.5" x 1.5"
1/2 Page Vertical $525 $475 5.187" x 11"
1/2 Page Horizontal $525 $475 10.5" x 5.5"
1/4 Page $350 $295 5.187" x 5.5"
1/8 Page $175 $150 5.187" x 2.74"
1/16 Page $75 $50 2.22" x 2.74"
Banner $175 $150 10.5" x 1.5"
Special Placement +10% +10% Back Cover, Classified, Pg 3

Inserts & Stickers

Inserts/stickers must be submitted to Kent State Student Media for approval. Inserts must be printed by the client and shipped directly to the printer at least one week prior to insertion. Advertisers should print and ship 6,000 total. Please ship directly to: Midwest Offset 629 Wabash Avenue NW, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663, 800-837-8666. Kent State Student Media will arrange the printing of the stickers. Ad design is free of charge with purchase.

Type Price Details
Inserts $450 Includes full circulation of 6,000
3"x3" Sticker $625 Includes full circulation of 6,000
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All pricing is per day. The minimum price per day is $3.50. All classified ads are pre-pay only. All punctuation is free and phone numbers and websites count as one word. Reservations are due by noon, one business day prior. 

Type Price
Cost Per Word 35¢
Extras $1 Bold, border, reverse type, italics.
Logo/picture $3
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