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Student Media is open to any students, staff or faculty at Kent State. Start as early as your freshman year and get involved in any of dozens of positions across our 10 Student Media partners. Gain important experience that will set you apart from your fellow students. Come share your voice and gain practical experience to help launch your career. To get started, check out current openings below or contact Kevin Dilley, director of Student Media, at [email protected]

Student Employment Opportunities

A Magazine

For questions related to these positions, contact Abigail Miller, A Magazine Editor at [email protected]

A Magazine - fall staff applications

A Magazine is seeking a unique, passionate grouping of individuals looking to be a part of our fall 2019 semester staff! The following application outlines the positions available, our expectations and allows you to share some of what you may hope for in working with us.

You can reaching out to fall A Magazine editor, Abigail Miller, if you have questions. [email protected]

Black Squirrel Radio

For questions related to these positions, contact Brooke Forrest , Black Squirrel Radio General Manager at [email protected]

Black Squirrel Radio Hiring for Fall 2019

Applications are now open for the Fall 2019 semester. We have lots of coordinator and director positions available. No prior experience is required you just need to have an interest in college radio and be a current Kent State student!

BSR directors are paid positions at the station. You will be expected to attend station staff meetings and manage the coordinators and volunteers in your particular department.

BSR coordinators are unpaid but a great way to get initial experience at the station with less of a time commitment. You’ll assist your particular director while also gaining experience to possibly become a director or GM in the future.

The Burr

For questions related to these positions, contact Taylor Robinson, Burr Editor at [email protected]

The Burr Hiring Fall 2019

Thank you for your interest in The Burr Magazine. The Burr has a variety of positions open with something for everyone. This application is due on Friday, May 3 at 11:59 p.m. Please fill out the required sections and answers to your desired positons. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Fall editor Taylor Robinson, [email protected]

Fusion Magazine

For questions related to these positions, contact Madison Patterson, Fusion Editor at [email protected]

Join Fusion for the fall!

Fusion Magazine is hiring passionate and motivated students for the fall! Fusion is Kent State's LGBTQ magazine and we pride ourselves on offering diverse viewpoints within the community, while keeping readers informed on news, politics and current events.

We're looking to hire a dedicated team of writers, photographers, designers, illustrators and marketers. All are welcome to apply. More thorough job descriptions for each position can be found at the bottom of the attached application. Email your application by July 21st, 2019, to Fusion editor Madison Patterson ([email protected]).

For more information or questions about the positions, please email Madison Patterson.

Kent Wired Hiring Summer 2019

This application is for hardworking journalists who want to continue pushing KentWired to the next level in the summer, during which we post daily Web updates and the back-to-school edition of the Stater the week before classes begin.You don’t need to be enrolled in summer classes to work, but you must be enrolled for fall semester. These positions will require a daily commitment. Deadlines will be assigned throughout the week — deadline work and updates for KentWired will be expected from all staffers.

SM Advertising & Marketing

For questions related to these positions, contact Mackenzie Murphy, Student Sales & Marketing Manager at [email protected]

Marketing + Promotions assistant

Kent State Student Media seeks an energetic and resourceful Marketing and Promotions Assistant. The ideal candidate for this position will have experience in public relations, marketing, promotion, sales or other related fields, either through previous employment and/or relevant coursework. They will be self-starters who can just as easily work on their own as in a team (Teamwork/Collaboration). They will have excellent attention to detail in all areas, including writing and internal and external communication. They will show an understanding and interest in Student Media and our partners and be ready to showcase our efforts.

As the Marketing and Promotions Assistant, you would serve under the direction of the Marketing and Promotions Manager. Your responsibilities would include the following:

· Creating and analyzing social media content for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a regular basis.

· Writing press releases to post on the Student Media website as important events, recognitions and milestones are achieved (Oral/Written Communications) .

· Help manage the distribution of all Student Media publications and magazines.

· Assist the street team in promotion initiatives and develop innovative ways to maximize the team’s efforts.

· Develop visuals for social media and website use.

· Brainstorm new and innovative ways to market and promote the overall Student Media brand as well as the nine individual Student Media partners.

· Assist in consistent engagement with all nine media partners and offer marketing/promotions support as needed.

· Work on sponsored content within a team setting.

· Other duties as assigned.

Responsibilities may shift as initiatives and projects come and go, so flexibility is a must.

Position is for 10 hours per week during the 15-week semester. The position is for fall 2019 and spring 2020. Schedule to be coordinated with rest of team and the chosen applicant.

Student Media Office Designer

Calling all designers who want to work in a fun, fast-paced media environment. Kent State Student Media is seeking designers for the 2019-2020 year. The successful candidate is somebody who knows the difference between a PNG and JPG, appreciates the interplay of sans serif and serif, is curious about visual hierarchy, loves coming up with creative solutions for demanding clients, is comfortable working individually and in a group, seeks out constructive criticism and has a passion for and attention to detail.


For questions related to these positions, contact Tanisha Thomas, Uhuru Editor at [email protected]

Join Uhuru!

Thank you for your interest in Uhuru Magazine!

Uhuru magazine exists to feed and liberate the minds of minority students at Kent State and beyond. Its goal is to address topics of interest and to analyze problems facing minorities today in order to improve their lives in the future.

Uhuru staff members should have some knowledge of the African, Latino, Native American and Asian experience in America and be able to produce content for others who share the same experience. Staff members must be reliable and willing to attend weekly or biweekly meetings. Staff members should also be able to work on tight deadlines.

Applications are due Friday, May 31st at 11:59 p.m.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Editor-in-Chief Tanisha Thomas, [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I become a student media leader?

Leaders of each Student Media partner are selected by the Student Media Board in the fall and spring of each year for the following semester or semesters. To be considered, you must be must have at least a verified cumulative 2.25 Grade Point Average at the time of application and maintain a cumulative 2.25 GPA and be in good standing with the University during your term as leader.  To be a compensated student leader, you must be enrolled in a minimum of eight credit hours as an undergraduate student and a minimum of six as a graduate student during their term. You do not need to be majors enrolled in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  Candidates applying for leadership positions in the JMC-co-curricular units must have related experience to be considered an applicant.

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Can I get paid while working for Student Media?

Yes. Student Media offers hundreds of paid positions each semester across our 10 Student Media partners. Contact us for more information.

Can I study abroad and still be involved in Student Media?

Yes. Student Media supports students who opt for a semester abroad. Sometimes this can fit into a media outlet's content plan for that semester. Also, studying abroad will not affect your ability to continue on a path to a leadership position, if you so choose.

Who makes the hiring decisions for Student Media?

It depends on the position you are seeking:

  • Top leaders for each media partner are selected by the Student Media Board
  • Staff members within each media partner are selected by the student leader in consultation with the adviser
  • Staff members in the Student Media office are selected by the professional staff.
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How many hours can I work?

That depends on your position and the needs of your outlet. You should talk with your student leader and adviser about the specific needs of each position. If you are in a paid position, you cannot work more than 28 hours each week.  

If I don't see a position I like, can I still work in Student Media?

Probably, let's talk.  Student Media is growing and changing as rapidly as the professional fields we strive to emulate. So, if a position doesn't exist (and it's generally within the wheelhouse of media and communications), let's talk and figure out how to make it happen. 

Can I earn academic credit for my work in Student Media?

Consult with your academic adviser to see if this is allowed through your program. Some schools allow this and others don't.  Student Media cooperates with the various academic units on campus. 

How long does my employment last once I'm hired in Student Media?

Employment length varies from individual to individual and is decided by the the media partner student leader.  Most last until the end of the semester, but other arrangements are possible.  Please talk with the student leader for the media partner with which you work or for which you are interested in working. Student leaders have the responsibility to remove staff members who are not performing well and/or are not following rules and regulations of Student Media.  

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Do I have to reapply for a job in Student Media every semester?

This depends on your job and the media parter for which you work.  If your work for a media partner where a new editor is elected each semester, you'll likely have to reapply.  Some partners have student leaders elected for an entire academic year. It's possible that this leader will hire positions for the whole year. This is their decision.

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Can I work for more than one outlet at the same time during a semester?

Yes. The university limits your paid hours to 28 hours per week in total for all university jobs for which you are paid.  

Can I volunteer at a Student Media publication?

Yes. Some jobs are paid, others are volunteer or on a contributor basis. Check with the student leader for each organization to see what opportunities exist at the moment for that media partner. 

Who has editorial control over content?

Student editors and student managers have sole authority to determine content for the media they lead and in turn take full responsibility for the content decisions made.

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