FlashLab Kickoff


WHAT:  Thinking innovatively should be a standard skill for all of us. Come to this event to define that term, develop skills in this area and learn to integrate innovation into your daily life. Three industry experts will lead us through an innovation discussion and coach us in a relevant small-group workshop to help us become more innovative thinkers and doers. Students can use this event to kickstart your innovative idea to enter into the Student Media Innovation Pitch Contest and win up to $1,000 for yourself and up to $10,000 to fund an innovative idea for their Student Media partner.

WHEN: Friday Sept. 28 from 4 to 7 p.m.  Come for the first part (discussion), second part (workshop) or both!  Dinner is included and T-shirts will be given for the first 30 participants. 

WHERE: 314 Franklin Hall, Kent State University 

WHO: All are invited, students, staff, faculty, guests. 

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/293207814829774/

MORE: Reach out to Kevin Dilley, [email protected]

Get to know our discussion leaders:

Craig James: CatalystStrategies, Producer 'Big Audacious Idea' podcast

Craig James is an Information Technology Industry veteran and co-founder/managing partner of CatalystStrategies (a.k.a. CatStrat Services), a strategic advisory firm that helps organizations stop —and think. He is an executive coach, writer, speaker, thought leader and modern philosopher. He believes that for humankind to look forward, it needs to look back. He challenges bedrock concepts that define our reality—and asks fundamental questions surrounding the human experience, consciousness, time, space, technology, life, death and the future.

EbaNee Bond: Bounce Innovation Hub

EbaNee Bond is a recent mechanical engineering graduate of the notable University of Akron who works part-time at Bounce Innovation Hub as program coordinator, part-time at The University of Akron Research Foundation as an Entrepreneur Fellow and every now and then as a poet. She enjoys ideas and technology but marvels over humans and the power of words from time to time. Oh yeah, she is also very proud to live in Northeast Ohio.

Micah Tindor: Goodyear Tire and Rubber company

Micah Tindor is an experienced innovation operator with a 14-year tenure building businesses and launching products in companies from StartUps to Fortune 200s. He led the sales expansion of the digital platform Home Advisor into Canada, built and scaled a franchise business, founded and scaled an automotive technology automation platform, has incubated and scaled two predictive technology system at Goodyear, and now serves as a Solutions Integration Advisor to the Commercial Truck group in America. Micah has a B.A. in Arabic and Islamic studies, and an MBA in business strategy. 

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