Kent Stater’s Front Page Featured at Entrance of the Newseum

KENT, Ohio-- Kent State Student Media is participating in the Student Press Freedom Day, on Jan. 30, 2019, as a contributor to the year-long initiative acknowledging the work and accomplishments of student journalists around the nation.

In recognition of this day, the front page of the Kent Stater, along with covers from other reputable student newspaper programs, will be published and put on display at the Newseum, a public museum in Washington D.C. dedicated to the history of news, the first amendment and free press.

The Student Press Law Center, in partnership with the Freedom Forum Institute, the Newseum and other major organizations, has declared 2019 the Year of the Student Journalist. This initiative is focusing on the importance of journalism education and is raising the profile of its impact by highlighting the challenges it faces.

Kent State Student Media continues to provide an environment for award-winning publications, like the Kent Stater, to foster the growth and empowerment of the journalism students involved.

“Student Journalists have to have an environment where they can be uncensored and work to their best abilities, because they are the future of journalism, and journalism is vitally important to a democracy,” said Kent State Student Media Newsroom Adviser Susan Kirkman Zake.

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