Meet the Unscathed Instructors

Meet Steve Cook:

Steve is a highly experienced safety and security professional - he has a degree in Risk & Security Management. He has worked in a variety of sectors since leaving government service in 2002: energy, communications, television production and international newsgathering. His career portfolio includes service in the British Military and the British Police.

He has considerable experience in location and logistical management including; TV field production in the documentary and reality formats; often working in remote locations and harsh environments. He is practiced in pre-deployment planning, devising implementing operating and emergency procedures, crisis management and contingency planning. Recently he has covered the major breaking news stories in the Middle East, North African and Central Asia for CNN and NBC, FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS and NEWS international. He a skilled project manager and has established news bureau’s for the TV networks in environmental disaster and conflict zones. He is accustomed to starting from basics.

Steve has also covered international sporting events such as the soccer world cup.
 His career portfolio has given him a formidable depth of experience working in countries with harsh climatic conditions, environmental disaster and conflict zones. He is culturally aware and an accomplished and competent negotiator, fixer with considerable business acumen.

Steve trains & advises government, media and corporate organizations in risk mitigation, cultural awareness, personal and residential security, hostage situations and medical skills including basic life support.

Steve also holds Television Production Safety Passport, BBC’s Safe Management of productions qualification and is a member of the Chartered Institute of journalists.

Meet Chris Post:

Chris Post is a photojournalist from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A former firefighter and emergency medical technician for over 22 years, Chris transitioned to the field of journalism in 2009 picking up the camera he always loved since learning black and white film photography in the 1980’s.

Chris has blended his former occupation into his new career and specializes in covering breaking news, civil disturbance, working in remote locations and disaster sites. Chris formerly worked with the United States Antarctic Program as the Captain of Fire Rescue at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Having a deep understanding of the dynamics of emergency response has given Chris an edge when covering media rich events where police, fire and ambulance personnel might be hesitant of press interaction. Chris is a subject matter expert, teaching courses in disaster management, hostile environments, emergency medical care and media relations to a wide range of clients including government and private sector.

Currently, Chris works as a Photojournalist for a Philadelphia market television station WFMZ-TV 69News. Chris also serves as the National Press Photographers Associations chair of the Safety and Security Committee. Chris is a member of the SPJ, RTDNA, Mid-Atlantic NATAS and Reporters Without Borders.

Twitter: @ChrisMPost

IG: ChrisMPost

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