GET INVOLVED NOW! Student Media is your place to create, whether it's a piece of journalism, a radio show, an illustration, editing, advertising, motion graphics, writing, video or any number of other creative media outlets. Our groups are currently building their fall teams. Reach out to our media partners here for more information.


Kent State Student Media makes the connections you need. Whether you are a student searching for an authentic media experience, a community member seeking to share your story, or you simply want quality news, information and entertainment, we deliver for you across 34 outlets through print, digital and social media.

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Ten distinct media partners make up the engine that drives Kent State Student Media forward. Each partner is a unique and independent student organization, producing content for TV, radio, print magazines and newspapers, websites and social media. Together, they reach thousands of people every day, delivering original reporting, information, entertainment and advertising.

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We have been serving Kent State University and the Kent community for 90 years with independent student-produced media. We have the outlets you need to reach the target audience you desire.


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