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The Student Media newsroom (Kent Stater, TV2 and their affiliated website, KentWired) reaches 12,400 followers through its Twitter account.

  • Sponsored tweets can be purchased for any time of day, any day of the week.
  • Limit of one sponsored tweet per client per day and a maximum of five per week.
  • Tweets may contain up to 271 characters and must include the word “SPONSORED” at the start.
  • Including hashtags and mentions aid in building traffic and engagement.
  • Tweets may also include creative and/or photos. Ad and campaign statistics will be sent to all advertisers at the end of each ad campaign.
  • Price is for one unique post (whether or not it runs once or multiple times.) For a multiple-post package with a variety of posts, there will be an surcharge of $10 for each unique post in the package.
  • Can't think of what to post? Work with our marketing and social media team to craft a message, free of charge.

One Tweet$65
Two Tweets$120
Three Tweets$165
Four or more Tweets$50/Tweet
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