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Luna Negra, though sometimes under different names, has been around since 1956. It began under the English department, where it found its footing within the campus’s cultural atmosphere. Since then, the publication has been a staple of the university, witnessing the path Kent State has taken through the decades. We have published works describing the culture of collegiate 1950s, the Kent State shootings, and 9/11; the literary pieces published by Luna Negra, written by the students themselves, have chronicled every major cultural and historical event of America. Since its inception, and still to today, Luna Negra is run by students and filled with student content. We strive to foster creative activity across campus and seek to be the keeper and encourager of the student body’s creative spirit.


Share your art with us! Submissions now close January 26, 2019! We're looking for:

  • Photography
  • Prose and Short Stories
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Art and Illustration
  • Poetry

You can submit here!

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