Truly Portage County

TV2 is Kent State's award-winning television station that strives to be Truly Portage County. From local news and sports to entertainment buzz and important social issues surrounding the region, TV2 covers the Kent State and Portage County area like no other television station can, while educating and preparing students for the future. TV2 is found online with media partner The Kent Stater at, reaching more than 26,000 homes on Spectrum Cable channel 1025 and more than 7,500 KSU students on campus television station 2-2. 

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Starr Bodi

TV2 General Manager

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Sue Zake

Student Media Newsroom Adviser (Kent Stater, TV2)


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Back to School Blastoff

Come find out about Kent State Student Media and the 10 media partners that make up Student Media. We'll be at Kent State's annual Blastoff event. 

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