The 2020-2021 Student Media leadership team has been approved by the Student Media Board. Interviews were held remotely by members of the Student Media Board selection committee. The newest leadership team includes:

A Magazine – Maria McGinnis, editor (fall/spring)

The Burr – Sara Crawford, editor (fall)

Black Squirrel Radio – Jay Shah, general manager (fall)

Fusion – Angela Molina, editor (fall/spring)

KSUIF – Madison Ledyard-King, president (fall/spring)

Kent Stater – Maria McGinnis, editor (summer)

Kent Stater – Lauren Sasala, editor (fall)

Luna Negra – Lindsey Sellman, editor (fall, spring)

SM Sales – Christian Grant, manager (fall)

TV2 – Alex Gray, general manager (fall)

*The Uhuru interviews are forthcoming.