The College Media Business and Advertising Managers (CMBAM) have released the winners of their 2023 Advertising Awards. We are proud to announce that we won third place for Media Company of the Year! It is an honor to receive this award and we could not have done it without your help. It is because of our Student Media team, partners, and clients that we were able to achieve this accomplishment. The Kent State Student Media team also placed in many other categories along with this award. Our placings for the 2023 CMBAM Advertising Awards are as follows:

Media Company of the Year | 3rd Place
Best Sales Promotional Materials | 1st Place
Best Video Underwriting Ad | 1st Place
Best Sponsored Content or Native Advertising | 1st Place
Best Paid Design Product | 2nd Place
Best Animated Display Ad | 2nd Place
Best Self-Promotion Audio Ad | 2nd Place
Best Self-Branded Promotional Giveaway | 2nd Place
Best New Idea (Innovation) | 3rd Place
Best Non-Traditional Revenue-Generating Operation | 3rd Place