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As a standing University committee, the Student Media Board serves "as the institutional publisher" for Student Media.   

The SMB is primarily responsible for selecting student leaders, approving annual budgets and hearing any grievances that cannot be otherwise resolved. The SMB does not dictate or determine editorial content. Responsibility for day-to-day editorial operations belongs to the selected student leaders. The Director of Student Media is responsible for day-to-day business operations and long-term strategy for Student Media. 

The board consists of students, staff and faculty from across the university, as well as media professionals outside of KSU.  

Check out the guidelines, members and meeting documents below.

Student Media Board Guidelines

Voting Members

Rick Danals

Assistant Dean of Student Engagement

Ginnie Dressler

Faculty Senate Representative

Erica Faller

JMC Undergraduate Representative

Sarah Fogus

Undergraduate Student Government Representative

Jeff Fruit

Interim Director School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Mark Goodman

JMC Faculty Representative

Ile-Ife Okantah

JMC Graduate Student Representative

Dale Omori

Media Professional, Owner of Omori Media

Timothy Roberts

JMC Faculty Representative

Carol Robinson

Faculty Senate Representative

Lakysha Robinson

Graduate Student Senate Representative

Emelia Sherin

JMC Undergraduate Student Representative

Non-Voting Members

Meeting Documents

Fall 2017 Selection committee minutes
Fall 2017 SMB full meeting minutes
Spring 2017 SMB full meeting minutes
Spring 2017 Selection committee minutes
Spring 2017 Allocation committee minutes
Fall 2016 SMB meeting minutes
April 15, 2016 SMB Meeting Minutes
April 8, 2016 SMB Selection Meeting Minutes
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